Finding Joy in the Little Things

Finding Joy in the little things….

Let’s face it. It’s not easy being “socially distanced” from life. People need each other. Maybe that’s why God made us. This time of social isolation can be very challenging. It’s SO important to find joy, even in the smallest things. When I say small, I mean smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. 🙂

Let’s take, for instance, this little site. I had an overwhelming 1,300 bulk spam comments that have robbed all joy that I find when I try to blog. I’ve tried numerous times to remove the ugliness and filth that comes from these grotesque websites…..but to no avail. Last week, I almost gave up. The site was getting bombarded with “less than ideal” ratings on my products. I had decided to delete the website and move on with my flowers in a different way…..

But this morning, I figured out the “spam” button….

Literally, I feel so relieved and filled with such joy. The ugliness is gone and the beauty returned, all over a little 4 lettered word……..Spam.

Imagine if we all could just hit the “spam” button for the constant flow of joy-robbing thoughts and situations that we find ourselves in? Imagine if we could find JOY inspite of the Spam? It’s the little things that bring us down and rob our joy.

We look at the weed inspite of the beautiful garden.

So today, I will relish in the fact that I spammed the ugliness so I can breathe in beauty.

Today, I am going back to the gardens at the Agape Haus, and survey the new wonders God has given us through His creation.  I am going to sit at the dining room table, with my family, and listen to Chuck Smith, my favorite Pastor, on podcast. I am going to make a nice Sunday meal and I am going to spend the day forcing myself to notice the joy in the littlest of things……and then I am going to plant some heirloom bulbs.


It’s there…..even amidst a pandemic.

Happy Gardening, my beloved friends.