Free Bouquets at the Flower Stand

I’ve never been one for a business plan. In fact, my husband loves to tease me about the lack of income I make from all of my flower hobbies. I can’t help but think that in a world of cheap chinese-made junk, a nice free bouquet is just what the doctor ordered.

A few of the bouquets have started making their way to our local nursing homes. There are some elderly people who live their lives without visitors. My friend has started bringing bouquets. Such a lovely idea. I can’t imagine being alone, without anyone.  I started to think about how much love the bouquets will provide. How can one put a pricetag on such a gift?

There are a lot of things in life worth a few bucks….but bouquets for the elderly are simply priceless. Naturally, my friend (being the kind-hearted person she is) left a donation. I’m going to get her a gift card  at our local coffee shop with the money she left.

Want some flowers? Do you have a special garden that you dream about filling? Do you have an are a in town that you wish to beautify? Come see me. I will load you up with some Heirloom Flower Bulbs.

Want to give someone a special gift of love? Come by and grab a bouquet. There is a basket where the vases can be returned. Thank you for spreading the love to our ever-growing world.

Clearly, I’m not a business person. Flowers are my joy. Come to the studio and get your fresh cut flower bouquet at the flower stand.

Agape Haus Music Studio                              705 East Ellis   Llano, Texas

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Happy Gardening, my friends! Let’s share the flower love, one bouquet at a time.