Fresh Cut Flower Subscriptions

There is nothing quite like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers in the home…..

The smell of the earth.

The beauty of the wild, color explosion.

The whimsical grace of the field.

I am super excited to now offer fresh cut flower bouquets through The Garden Project. Take the garden to your home and tap in to your hidden farmhouse soul.

In the Spring, my beautiful Garden Helpers will be cutting bouquets of Larkspur, Poppies, Daffodils and other garden delights. Summer and Fall bouquets will consist of Zinnia, local Texas wildflowers, Gomphrena and other flowering beauies.

As always, flowers are by donation. The Garden Project is soon to be a 501c3, under Mustard Seed Ministries. The Garden Project helps teenagers find their way through the garden, through mentoring and a job. These teenagers aren’t your ordinary bunch of kids. These kids are unique………

My Garden Helpers are a special group of kids. Autism, Transgender, Abuse and Neglect Survivors, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, and others who just love the garden. I pay each one a handsome wage to get their hands dirty. Studies show the importance of being in nature. Soil actually has healing properties that helps fight depression and anxiety. Jobs are hard to find in our rural town….especially for these kids. I provide them a safe place to work, explore, talk, be mentored and drram….while feeling self suffient and earning money.

My garden helpers will also be taking people on garden tours in the Spring….helpung each kid develope public speaking skills.

I’m so excited for the upcoming bloom….not just seen through fresh flowers on a farmhouse table, but watching my beautiful group of Garden Helpers grow into confident men and women.

Happy Gardening , my friends! Be sure to order your fresh flower bouquets by email…..