Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Gardens Without Oxblood Lilies

I drove by my friend Karalina’s house on my way to the studio yesterday. Lo and behold….her Oxblood Lilies were all out, blooming like champs. Here I am, getting beyond excited for my first Lily of the season, and Karalina has about 200 blooming.

“Did you see my Oxblood Lilies blooming??”

“Yes.” (With a hint of bitterness and jealosy) “How on earth did yours bloom before mine????? We didn’t get that much rain!!”

“I kinda got impatient and watered them to get them to bloom.”

I’ve done that many times. In fact, I might even do it tomorrow if they don’t get their act together and start blooming! I know it has been very dry, but this is ridiculous. It is almost mid-September!

I have absolutely loved seeing my Heirloom Bulbs in Karalina’s gardens. There is no greater joy for a gardener than to share a mutual love of flowers with friends.

Karalina was one who helped me dig many bulbs after the flood. In fact, some days she brought along her secret weapon…her power-lifting husband. Stan deserves the award for the most Crinum dug in a day. Friends definately make the world go round.

Our bulb digging days were sweet days that grew a friendship. Last night, Karalina celebrated the end of her breast cancer journey by toasting champagne with a few close friends. I found it ironic that the lilies were in full bloom for this monumental celebration. There are many reasons to celebrate friendships, especially in this fast-paced world. I love that flowers always have a way of speaking the words we cannot find to say……I am beyond grateful for those early days of our friendship. A friendship that took root as we salvaged my gardens at the flooded house.

Friends don’t let friends have gardens without Oxblood Lilies….

Are you my friend? Want some Lilies? Just email me ( I’d be happy to send you a few heirloom bulbs at no charge. My little gift. Every garden needs a friend who has an Oxblood Lily to share 🙂 Life is sweeter with friends.

Happy Gardening, my friends!