Garden Hope for the Hopeless of Gardens

“I love the idea of growing flowers, but I have a black thumb. I’m completely hopeless.” News Flash…You are never completely hopeless.

Here’s a little hope for all you gardeners out there who feel lost and hopeless in garden-land….Plant an Heirloom Bulb. Gardening is really that easy.

Heirloom Bulbs are, by far, the greatest things ever created…..besides, ofcourse, dark chocolate paired with a really fabulous glass of Malbec from Perissos Winery.

Heirloom Bulbs have been around for hundreds of years, by way of growing their eternal lives rooted in Europe, China, and other far away Countries. These flower bulbs came to various regions of the States with immigrants seeking a better life in America. It is so beautiful to think that a person could bring an Iris or Oxblood Lily from their homeland. Plantings of these heirloom loves can still be found on old homesteads throughout Texas.

Garden Treasures.

My favorite part of an Heirloom Bulb is that they have survived their original gardeners. Actually, they have seen more history than your Grandparents. Many old bulbs were planted during the times of horse and covered-wagon. Native American Indians still roamed the hills. It’s hard to imagine how the world has changed….and yet, we still have a beautiful piece of the past that links us to days of old.

Just how hardy are heirloom bulbs? Well, one time I dug up some Iris, layed the clump down and forgot about them. The Iris survived a full summer of Texas heat without even being planted. Now that’s tough. I’ve seen Oxblood Lilies survive bulldozer attacks and house teardowns. I even blogged about the “Survivor Bulbs” that grew after the flood. It’s truly incredible.

Still feeling hopeless? Don’t be. If you’d like your own heirloom bulb, just email me…. I will be happy to send some out. Folks just pay $5 for shipping. The bulbs are my gift.

Every garden needs some hope. So does it’s gardeners. Keep planting beauty, my friends. Happy Gardening.