Garden Pondering

To ponder in the garden is to quietly watch the flowers grow….moment by moment. Pondering is the peaceful time spent, surveying the flowers and thinking about life. Pondering is to watch the birds, bees and butterflies enjoy the beautiful oasis that you created. Pondering is to dream and listen to God’s prompting. Pondering in the garden rejuvenates the soul.

I miss my ponderings…….

I reread some of my “pre-flood” blogs last night. I needed my calm. These days, I feel scattered. Focused on the mountain of tasks that lay before me. Moments of peace and ponderings have been replaced with a hurried desparate need to salvage what the flood destroyed. Time is ticking. The bulldozers are coming. Lists are endless……

I think it’s natural to go through times in life where we are stretched….just to see what we are made of. Do we sparkle only in the sun? Can we shine in the darkest storms of life? It is during times like this when the need to do becomes greater than the need to be. A retreat to ponder in the garden becomes a luxery.

Focus replaces ponderings.

Schedules replace creative freedoms.

Logic replaces dreams.

It is then, when I feel completely out of balance, I am reminded of the Lord’s beautiful promise…..”Come to Me who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Rest to ponder…..

Rest to dream……

Rest to walk through my garden and watch a flower grow.

Rest for my soul…….

The Lord doesn’t remove the mountain of tasks that lay before me. He won’t take away the need for schedules and focus. The Lord will simply give my soul rest. My endless list might stay the same, but I now savor my moments in the garden to ponder.

Garden ponderings……

Happy Gardening, my friends. May your time in your garden be sweet and may your soul be at rest, no matter the tasks that lay before you.