Goodnight, Mr. Walking Stick

“He’s my friend. He won’t hurt you.”

I kept wondering what the guys were talking about. Every time I walked by with a plant to pot up, or to check on the bulbs that were being put into pots, I heard them talk…..and then laugh.

“He’s just a stick. But he’s my friend. I think I’m going to call him Mr. Walking Stick.”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to see what they were talking about. I walked over, and immidiately felt like I had just crashed a party. Everything became quiet until Michael finally asked if Mr. Walking Stick would bite.

“No, Mr. Walking Stick is a good bug.”

I gently picked him up, and moved him off the bucket and onto greener pastures (across the fence so the ducks couldn’t find him). Soon, the conversation evolved from Mr. Walking Stick to bees, flying insects and other “good bugs”.

Some moments are just so pure and good. I think God created some people to remind us of the beauty of the human heart. There are some who bring hope without even trying. Just the innocence and exuberance of learning about nature brings a smile to my face. I’m so thankful for simple, beautiful moments such as these. Im thankful for a bug named Mr. Walking Stick, and I’m thankful for the two guys who called Mr. Walking Stick their friend.

Goodnight, Mr. Walking Stick.