Heirloom Bulbs are Now Available on Etsy!!

Many of you who have followed this little flower blog know that my business practices are a bit unorthodox. In fact, HeirloomBulbGirl is not really a “business” at all.
My flower bulb “business” is driven by a deep-rooted mission to make the world around me more peaceful, hopeful, faith-filled and beautiful. Heirloom Bulbs are just a tool that the Lord uses to accomplish that mission through this little flower business.

Take, for instance, my employees (aka…Garden Helpers). Each week, Damian, employed by the Special Opportunities Center, brings some amazing folks to the gardens for their job. Bulb sales and donations generously pay these folks to work, as they receive a hefty dose of nature therapy and all the benefits through working in the soil. There is confidence-building with seeing task completed. There is also an inherent beauty in being drenched in a loving, inspiring place like a garden.
I am constantly reminded how valuable these folks are. Tony says it best….

“You know, you really couldn’t do the gardens without us.”

Yes, Tony. You are right. 🙂

Others Garden Helpers have been my amazing violin students (the job that pays the bills!), at-risk youth, dear friends and family. Donations come in through many different ways….veggie seeds to plant and harvest, shovels, bags of soil and plants (thanks Luciano!!) and financial gifts that are given directly to pay for the Garden Helpers.
HeirloomBulbGirl is part of Agape Haus Studio and Garden, LLC. Agape Haus is a special place indeed. I have loved watching the Lord work over the last 6 years. The stories behind how the studio came into existence never cease to amaze me. Whether it was the ability to purchase and tear-down the drug house to save a 500 year old Live Oak Tree, life lessons from pigeons hatching chicken eggs, or the will to live of the “Survivor Bulb” after being demolished by a bulldozer. The Lord has been gracious, giving me eyes to see beyond the mundane, and ears to hear the beauty unspoken.

To all of you who have ordered Heirloom Flower Bulbs, you are part of this amazing story. Your gift goes 100% back into the gardens and into the Garden Helpers who love them. I am excited to see the good work that the Lord is doing through Etsy. After much debate with the Lord, the number *100%* of sales keeps coming to my mind. After expenses of soil, boxes, shipping and garden supplies, 100% of profits will be given away. I find it funny that I kept seeking clarity….”Lord. Are you sure you don’t mean 50%? Why would anyone in their right mind do such a thing?” I suppose it’s because when something is crazy enough to NOT make sense, it must be of the Lord.
With the Etsy sales, I’m hoping to bring on more Special Needs folks into the program, and let the Lord expand this little garden beyond my own hopes and dreams.

Happy Gardening, my friends! And remember…..there’s always room for one more bulb!