Here Comes Mr. Winter!

I am currently driving through Indiana….Snow-ridden Indiana. It is 17 degrees and I can’t stop thinking about the crazy winter weather that will hit my lovely gardens in two days. I am squished like a sardine into a car with my ballerina-daughter, whose long legs are draped over me as she sleeps. My in-laws joined in on the fun,, and are graciously driving. I’m not sure what is more worrisome….the fact that I have had to resort to wearing other people’s long underwear because I’m *that* cold, or that my flowers are soon to be frozen to death.. Ugh.

On the plus side, though, atleast the long underwear fits. It is definately a step up from complaining all day yesterday about how uncomfortable the middle seat was, only to find out I was sitting on a water bottle under the blanket. My pride was a tad bit hurt, but the water bottle was still full,, so that was a good thing.

I have been reminded by friends and family of the artic blast thaf will soon hit our area.. I am fortunate to have my husband af home willing to cover all the faucets. I still have a few random buckets of Oxblood Liliy and Crinum bulbs that I forgot to plant. 🙁 I plan to beg and plead with my husband to move those inside the chicken coop, but I might be pushing my luck. As for most of the gardens, they are good to go. Plants in my yard either survive or they don’t….unless they are a bulb. I will toss my kids and husband off a sinking shop before I toss an Heirloom Bulb. I mean, honestly, a girl must have priorities. 🙂

I hope everyone out there is bundled up. Stay warm and remember that this too, shall pass. Remember, there are a lot of great things about freezing weather. All the annoying critters in the gardens and chicken coops will be frozen back and the bug cycle will be halted. That is a nice reprieve from the over-ridden, bug-infested summers we’ve had lately. Another wonderful thing about freezing weather is a nice warm chair to sit in and read through spring flower catologues. You still have time to put in that Spring and Summer flower order. The winter season is a time of quiet reflection, dreaming and calm. Though I don’t like losing flowers to a freeze, winter weather isn’t so bad. Spring is just around the corner….so is the amazing Spring Bulb Bloom.

Happy Winter Gardening, my friends! Stay warm!