How Does Your Garden Grow?

Every where I look, I see gardens. I even see gardens in concrete.  I imagine a world filled with beauty… everywhere.

It’s no wonder that my house is full of gardening books. My Instagram, Facebook and Pintrist are full of beautiful pictures of other people’s gardens as well. Gardening ideas everywhere.

First, there is the arbor for my roses that I need to build.

The beautiful fence that I need to design.

The birdhouses that I need to buy or make, and situate them perfectly on the fence that I need to design, beside the arbor for my roses.

The Season of Spring I need to make my newly planted roses beautiful, on the arbor that I need to build, next to the birdhouses I need to make, on the gate for the beautiful fence I need to design………

My thoughts and ideas are unending. The list of gardening want-to’s becomes a mile long… I write in small print. I am left in a perpetual state of flux. Overwhelmed. Unsatisfied. Always looking to someone else’s garden…….

Comparison inevitably happens.

“How does their garden grow?”

“Why is mine like _______, while their garden is like _____?”

“Why can’t I have _____for my garden?”

I am going to just be honest… garden looks wild and unruly.

From afar, my garden sometimes looks like  ‘a bunch of weeds’ (bulb foliage).  My bulb garden is not the type of perfection that will be seen on Pintrist….. bulb gardens are simply too unpredictable. Bulbers are in it for the long haul, and Bulbers are willing to wait all year for a single bloom.

Yes, we wait all year for one darn bloom.

If I gardened for the beauty of the moment, I’d have to get rid of my entire love of bulbs.  Bulbs are like children, and never perform on command. The element of surprise is the sweet reward for the Bulber.

Gardeners must come to peace with their own personal garden story. The unique love they have for a particular plant or flower. The desire and drive that motivates them to take a shovel on a Sunday afternoon, and dig. For me, it’s the love and complete fascination with God’s flowering miracle. …the bulb.

Each garden is unique.

Most of our gardens are will never make the Pintrist top pins, or will our perfect garden photos go viral. Gardening is a way of way of life, not a momentary glimpse caught on a photo.

How does your garden grow?

Cottage Style…..wild and free?  English style….planned and organized?  Vegetable gardens……edible and delicious? Bulb gardens…natural and surprising?

Each garden is unique. Each garden is a place of wonder. An expression of our own personality. Each garden is a magical place to discover, not a momentary glimpse of perfection. How does your garden grow? ‘m guessing unique and lovely….just as you are.