I Did The Unthinkable

Ok folks. I’m just going to rip the bandaid off and spill the beans…

I’ve started planting Bermuda Grass.

I never EVER thought I would write such disgusting words, especially on this beautiful little blog page. If you’ve been reading my flower blog for a while, you might remember my lovely tribute to Bermuda Grass called “Bermuda F#@!ing Grass” (really, that’s the title). I have a deep-seeded love for hating everything about that grass. I actually think the roots go directly to hell, which is why it grows so vigorously.

But I’ve done it. I’ve transplanted a clump of Bermuda as I was cursing it.

Really, I had no choice. (I feel like I am at a self-help session justifying bad behavior). Our new lot was leveled with a bulldozer that brought in a thorny, invasive bush that has literally taken over. My husband, being the practical man that he is, won’t let me bring in nice dirt until the list of non-gardening chores are accomplished. Practical things like a concrete driveway must be in place before the gardens can be established.

Of course, this mindset is ‘No Bueno’ for me..

While we wait, the thorny things are engulfing our lots. Every few inches of land contains a new little seedling of death. I’ve been pulling out the young plants until my hands are raw. After feeling helpless, hopeless and bitterly disgusted, I searched my heart and remembered the one grass in existence to go to battle against any other weed….Bermuda.

So I dug some up from the Agape Haus and planted it.

I feel like I’ve betrayed some gardening ethics code. “Thou shall not encourage or plant Bermuda Grass.”

But I did.

I did the unthinkable and today, and I will go back for more….

It’s a strange time for sure. For me, I am doing things I never thought I’d do. I’m cooking horrible meals with limited groceries, and I’m planting Bermuda Grass. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon so I can get back to hating Bermuda and freely go to the store to buy Bok Choy or Gluten Free Pasta. Until then, my friends, stay safe and healthy.

Happy Gardening!