Icebox Weather

And just like that, it’s cold again. It isn’t the frigid -45 degrees with 5 feet of snow that I grew up in, but it is still too cold to dig. I get extremely restless on days like today. So many things to do…….

Staying inside is like a prison sentence.

Today, I am going to browse through some Spring seed catalogues, daydream about where to put what, and enjoy the warmth of the fire. I have a fairly good handle on the bulbs I am moving. I have about 4 large tubs to plant, and then I am completerly caught up…which is totally rare. I’m never caught up on anything!!!

I managed to hack through an old sewer line as I was digging out the new rose garden. That’s always fun….more about that later.

So, Mr. Weatherman,  you have sentenced me to a day inside. The Icebox Weather is definately a hindrance, but it’s better than the current weather in Minnesota.There are still things to be grateful for. Day Dreaming and seed catalogues are a good thing.

Happy Gardening, my friends! Stay warm!!!