If Gardens Could Speak

I spent the evening alone in my gardens….the last chance to get some bulbs before tomorrow’s Flooded House Bulb Dig. So many memories are wrapped up in these gardens. So many childhood moments. Ordinary day to day moments that became treasured memories. I walked through the gardens last night, peaceful and ready to let my gardens go.

If my gardens could speak, they would tell you about the beautiful trees that the girls read books under. My gardens would tell you about the rocks my youngest bought in Wyoming, and then hid by the Iris in her fairy garden. My gardens would tell you about the tire swing that hung above the creek bed. My gardens would tell you of the mulberry trees, and the thorny blackberry bushes.

My gardens would also laugh at the amount the flowers, bulbs or rocks were moved, back and forth, throughout the garden. No plant was safe from the shovel.

My gardens would also tell you about the quiet after the flood…..no more sounds of boys playing baseball or basketball, or neighborhood children spending time exploring, making fairy houses, planting apple trees and catching butterflies. There were no more teenagers throwing toilet paper rolls into the trees, or dinner parties or children’s birthday parties.

So much of my life was in this house and garden. I raised my children there. I planted gardens where there was nothing, and I turned “the town’s flooded house” into a home. I’m going to miss that little house. Day to day moments were captured in the heart of my garden. The Flooded House Gardens have been a tribute of overcoming obstacles through beauty.

Happy Gardening, my friends……Are you ready? Let’s do this! The Flooded House Garden Dig is officially less than 12 hours away!!!