“I’m Going To Need A Bigger Boat.”

I set out 4 lovely bouquets on Saturday morning,. They were gone within a few hours. All I could think about was the famous movie quote in Jaws.. “I’m going to need a bigger boat.”  The iconic quote referrs to the naive understanding of trying to do something that hadn’t been done. Clearly, I have grossly under-estimated how many bouquets to set out at the flower stand!

The beauty of fresh cut flowers is unlike any other decorating item that can be placed in a home. A vase of fresh flowers brings nature inside. Gazing at a bouquet of fresh flowers can make even the most mundane chores cheerful. Personally, I would much rather do the dishes or sweep the floors with a bouquet of flowers to keep me company. Flowers are also a nostalgic reminder of a slower time. Gardens were abundant and time spent in the garden was endless.

For a long time, I simply could not cut flowers out of the garden. Somehow, the death of a bouquet pained my heart. I spent my time dead-heading, pruning and collecting seeds. I’m not sure when it finally struck me that a cutting a bouquet of fresh flowers is like dead-heading BEFORE the flower dies. Cutting fresh flowers becomes an art form in itself. I’ve begun to notice skilled florists and the beautiful bouquets created. Rest assured, my little bouquets are simply fresh cut flowers. I’m not a fancy girl, and the flowers will speak for themselves. Wild and carefree.

For now, these free little flower bouquets are cut Tuesday and Friday mornings. I’m hoping to eventually offer daily bouquets, but there is a lot of ground to til…..figuratively and literally!

I’m off to the studio. It’s time to open the chickens and pigeons, water the gardens, cut a few bouquets and breathe in this beautiful new day. I plan on cutting some Zinnia, Lavender, Bachelor Buttons, Coneflower and Roses. I’m quite sure the bouquets will be dreamy.

Happy Gardening, my friends!