“It’s Bad Luck to Say Thank You for the Flowers”

I had a lovely visitor the other day. She came to get some Iris and Oxalis. As she was leaving, she said “I’d say thank you for the flowers, but my Mother always me it was bad luck to thank someone for flowers.”

I might question this rationale, but it actually didn’t surprise me. This was the second time I had heard about the old  garden folklore in less than a month.

The first time I was told never to thank someone for flowers was after I was given some old Bluebells. I had spotted the unknown, newly-mowed-down clump of bulb foliage outside a BBQ joint I had visited. It was like a child’s version of “I Spy.” . I was walking out of the empty restaurant and WHAM.

“I spy with my little eye a clump of bulb foliage that I don’t even recognize!!!!”

I went back into the BBQ joint and asked the owner about the bulbs.

“What bulbs? You mean the Petunias out back?”

“No Ma’am. There is a clump of something in the grass.”

We went to check it out, and an elderly lady came out, and told us all about the beautiful bulbs she had planted. I was offered a start, and I changed my whole schedule so I could go back home and grab my shovel. Afterwards, I told her thank you.

“Honey, we never say thank you for sharing flowers. My Mother always said it’s bad luck.”

Really? I didn’t understand. But then, it heard the phrase again….

Perhaps it is because flowers are meant to be shared. Like the air we breathe…..it’s just expected to happen.

Perhaps it is the fact that no one really *owns* flowers. We are just the care-takers of God’s beauty.

Perhaps it is because when we share, others will share with us. More flowers come back to fill the void of what was given.

Honestly, I am not really sure what the true reason it’s bad luck to thank someone for flowers. If you’d like some flowers from my garden, you don’t have to thank me if you don’t want to……or you can gush all over at the beauty of an Heirloom Bulb. It is  all good with me!

During this season of being at home, I am most happy to share anything I have with you. Sorry, no mail orders right now. We have cases of the virus in our small town, and I am taking care of my parents. I am not getting out much. But….if you come to Llano, I’d love to share. Feel free to email me heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Happy Gardening, my flower friends! Make it a good day!!