It’s (no deer) Crinum Season!!!

It is Crinum Season!! Finally……..after a few months of deer chowing down the lilies, the deer have moved on. Finally…….

Normally, Crinums begin to bloom in late Spring after a heavy rainfall. I have many Crinum, so I am a bit ashamed to admit, but I took these majestic beauties for granted.  After I saw the sheer devastation of the deer, I assumed Crinum Season was over. Obviously, I greatly underestimated the grit of an heirloom bulb.

I  wanted my Crinum Season back, so I read about organic ways to deter the deer. I hung some windchimes over the Crinum. Deer are skittish to movement and noise, so I thought it was worth a try. I always gave them a heavy drink…..and Voila!! Crinum Season!!

Old Crinums are tough. Since Crinum are heirloom bulbs, they have already survived  their original gardeners. Heirloom Bulbs like Crinum have already seen drought, deer, feast, famine and flood. These bulbs just keep on growing…..a beautiful example of perseverance and fortitude. Crinum are in the garden for the long haul. Old Crinum are hard to find for a reasonable price, so if you are ever in the Texas Hill Country, come on by the studio. I am always happy to share these beauties with you. Crinum multiply quickly and also set little bulbets from the flower, so you will have a nice collection of Crinum in no time!

Happy gardening, my friends.