It’s Spring!!!!

I always know when Spring happens….

My ‘to-do’ list literally explodes. Everything is growing and blooming. Somehow, I need about 80 more hours in each day!!!!

Weeds need to be pulled, flowers are getting picked,, thinned and separated.

Beds are being prepped for summer heat.

I am out in the dirt as much as humanly possible. I tend to write less on sunny days….but that’s the nature of the gardener. Everything is in seasons.

Spring is the Season of endless garden chores and delight….

In the summer, I am hoping to finish the website with updated pictures of the bulbs available.  I’m also finding out that I have much more joy in sharing than selling. There are just so many bulbs and too little time… if you check my Instagram, and find a bulb you love, just message me. I’m happy to share. 🙂

Spring is here! You won’t be hearing from me as much….but know my hands are in the dirt, saving and preserving bulbs for generations to come.