It’s the Little Things….

It’ s the little things in life.

Little things can bring a smile to the face, soothe the soul, and…… (record needle scratches loudly across the beautiful serenity that is playing across your mind)


Bye-Bye Serenity……Hello, Chaos.

Honestly, how can a little thing such as a scam comment upset the soul so such a degree as an emotional record scratch?

But it’s the little things.

Actually….I received thousands of these lovely little things through spam comments on this blog. Gradually, more and more until i was inundated. I simply couldn’ make them stop.

I couldn’t write. I couldn’t blog. I couldn’t enjoy…..all because of the little things.

We all have little things.

Little things that rob our daily  joy.

Maybe it’s the peanut butter sandwiches for your kids that have become a drag. Maybe it’s the emails on your new website or job weighing you down. Maybe it’s just a weed infested garden….or simply a headache that will not go away.

I  have always found that behind every little annoying thing lies a thousand little blessings ready to be seen. Like roses and thorns… is just a matter of perspective.

So today…..I chose to not let the little things get me down. I cose to see my writing instead of the spam comments. Lo and behold, I found a way to remove the spam comments on the blog. Unfortunately,  the spammers have forced ‘ No Comment’ on this page.(boo).

Another option for commenting is through following my Instagram or Facebook Page (Heirloombulbgirl). I’d love to hear your thoughts on life, God’s beautiful flowers, and the good little things.

Remember my friends…’s all about the little things in life. Will we see roses or thorns? Both exist together…it is just what we choose to see. Let the yuk go, and embrace the joy.. Happy gardening!



So, today…..I