“Let’s Make a Flower Garden”

“There are some phrases which carry magic in their sound, a magic which cannot be explained by mere logic, and the greatest of these phrases is, “Let’s Make a Garden.” ”                                       -Hanna Rion

There is nothing like the feel of an old book…..

The words. The thoughts. The savoring. The images. The ideas. The dreams. The simplicity.

“And there is never strife among the blossoms; they exhale peace as they breathe perfume.”

Life was different in the 1900’s. Gardening was an art….a lifeline to the mundane. The 21st Century has so many distractions…..people can’t fathom sitting quietly., just to imagine. Spending uninterrupted time gazing at a rose garden in bloom (without a cell phone to take a picture) is completely foreign to the younger generation. I, myself, am just as guilty. Even when I  “survey” my gardens, I have my phone…..ready to pounce and take the world’s greatest photo. Words from old garden books speak to me, inspire me and continually remind me of garden joy.

“But when the moon comes over the eastern turrets of cedars, and I sit at the threshold of my rose garden silently with one to whom words are unnecessary, my eyes resting now on the garden of stars above, now on the rose stars below, then indeed the garden brings a brooding sense of completeness, content and blessing—–and I ask no more of life.”

This charming little book, copyright 1918, is completely enchanting. The book is written like a modern day blog. Experiences documented by a couple who left the big city seeking the serenity of country life. I so relate.

“No one ever entirely grows up who lives in the garden. I feel sure almost all gardeners still believe in Santa Claus; and as for fairies, was it not in Kensigton Garden that Mr. Barrie discovered all the wonderful facts about Peter Pan?”

The words are beautifully written, and capture the side of gardening we all feel. Hanna Rion does an excellent job of blending bits of garden humor among her words of garden wisdom. Whether it is writing about her misplaced sunflowers, desperately seeking sunlight, or her moments in refection….the book is endearing.

“The making of a garden is much like the formation of character—The loveiest mature characters re often the result of many early mistakes. But the very fact that the garden is a matter of growth makes it all worthwhile….”

“Let’s Make a Flower Garden” is a garden treasure. If you find a copy…..get it!!!  I plan on finding a few copies to give to my gardening friends. Incidentally, Hanna Rion and her husband were early bulb hunters and rose rustlers…….. I just knew I liked them!

Happy Gardening, my friends!