Lilies for Liz

I first met Liz a few years back after she relocated to Llano with her family. Her twin sister Laura already had moved here, and Llano welcomed Liz with open arms and hearts. I hate to admit this, but when Liz first moved here, I was unaware she was a completely different person than Laura. I was constantly confused as to why Laura would sometimes act as if she didn’t know me…and other times she looked as if I was a complete stranger. I thought it was my “growing-out grey” hair, or maybe I had looked a little rough from the garden. It took me about a year to realize that there were actually two “Laura”s….Laura and Liz.

Liz and I shared a love of old china patterns and plates. Liz and Laura have an antique store called Possibilities, and I soon became their secret shopper (antique picker). Liz loved Fiestaware, and I had tons of vintage Fiesta lurking about in the gardens as art. Every time I brought in plates, Liz stopped everything she was doing to greet me.

“I’ve got to call you back. Keenan is here with more Fiestaware.”

It was a fun, mutual love of old Fiesta plates that led to many smiles, laughter and hugs. Liz poured her soul into her antique store, loved her family beyond even her own self, and served our community tirelessly. I don’t think Liz ever took a rest, living life whole heartedly and loving people without limits. A few weeks ago, our little town lost it’s beloved Liz. One day after Liz passed, a few of us sat on the coffee-couches at the store, sharing stories about Liz. My friend Brandy told us the story of the Tom’s shoes that Liz had bought her….just because Liz wanted to. Brandy said something I will never forget….

“You didn’t have to earn her friendship. She loved people because that’s just who she was. We were all undeserving of her friendship and love.”

That was Liz. A remarkable person who left us too soon.

A Memorial for Liz is on Saturday. As a garden memorial, I have dug up 1,000 Oxblood Lilies to give to each person to plant in honor of their dear Liz. Each year, when they bloom, we can all remember the beauty that Liz gave to each of us. If you knew Liz, but are unable to attend the Memorial, please email me with your address and I will be happy to send some lilies out to you.

Our community will always remember Liz. Her memory and stories are kept alive each day at Possibilities. If you haven’t visited the new store at it’s new location, please do. This beautiful place was a gift that Liz gave to all of us….especially for her beloved sister, Laura.

A few days ago, I brought in two beautiful vintage Fiesta pitchers and mugs. I could almost see Liz behind the counter light up….and then I realized it was her beautiful sister Laura, simply carrying on her sister’s love of old dishes.

Happy Gardening, my friends.