March’s Bulb of the Month

Today is March 3……the day after Texas Independence Day. (It is also my Mom’s birthday, who is an 8 generation Texan)

I tried to think of the bulb that is most iconic to Texas…..and I’ve chosen the The Oxblood Lily.

The Oxblood Lily has a rich heritage. These lilies traveled to Texas by way of early Texas immigrants from Germany. Immigrants are a big part of our lovely state. Texas is actually a melting pot of many cultures…..German, Czech,  Mexican, Polish, French, Native Americans and Spanish cultures are all part of our history. Our heritage is a rich mixture of a diverse culture. Even our food represents the 6 flags that we have lived under.

Texans are tough….fighting for Independence at the Alamo against all odds. The Oxblood Lily is also known for being able to survive among the toughest of weather related issues, and continue to flourish among years of neglect and abandonment. The Oxblood Lily can be found throughout rural communities in Texas, naturalizing in areas it’s ancestors originally lived. Old homesteads that are now gone still have remnants of the Oxblood Lily.

Texans are hopeful. They believe in a better tomorrow.  Texas is the only state that was it’s own Country.  Oxblood Lilies represent hope. Hope after a long drought that cooler weather and the rains will come. Rescuing Oxbloods have been a passion for many, as the old homesteads are being bulldozed to make way for modern progress. May bulb rescuers hope to give these bulbs a chance in a new environment.  A chance to be free. A chance to bring joy and beauty for years to come.

The beautiful Oxblood Lily….representing hope, fortitude and the diversity of gardeners  in our beautiful State. To me, there is no better representation of Texas Independence than a lovely red lily.

If you would like your free Lilies, Please email me at and send me a little information about your gardens. I always enjoy knowing where these beauties go. The bulb giveaway is free. I only ask for shipping. Just $5.00 for 3 bulbs. If you want more bulbs, let me know.

Happy Gardening, my friends.