May Bulb Give Away

The heirloom bulb give away is one of my favorite parts of  having this little website.

Grape Hyacinths are the bulb for May’s give away. Grape Hyacinths are adorable, charming,, old-fashioned and deliciously delightful to grow.

Many gardeners have fond memories of grape hyacinths. My childhood gardens seemed like a magical wonderland. I didn’t understand the bulb seasons, so I was always on the lookout for the little purple popsicle that grew out of the ground.

Grape Hyacinths are easy to grow. Simply plant ¬†in an area that they can naturalize. I like bulbs under trees, but don’t let your lawn boy mow down the foliage……..that is the energy for next year’s flower.

To receive your free bulbs, simply send a small note about your gardens, and mail $5 for shipping and handling to

Heirloom Bulb Girl.

C/0 705 East Ellis

Llano, Texas 78643

Heirloom Bulbs are a delight in the garden. A magical place for children to dream. A place of memories and peace. Happy gardening to you,, my friends.