May Your Gardens be Beautiful and Your Techy-Woes Few.

I am so glad I am a gardener.

Honestly, I can’t imagine dealing with technical issues on a day-to-day basis. It was enough to deal with it for the past week and a half….and it is *still* an ongoing technical nightmare.

First, I can’t remember my password since all of my passwords are different….yes, that is total mental chaos. I have half-hazardly put in ridiculous spur-of-the-moment info that I really didn’t understand into these mystical “clouds” that who knows how to even access the random junk I have typed….and I can’t even type, just ask my Mother. Then, my phone dropped and died….but since the phone had been given to me, all the data was unretrievable and didn’t “sync” (whatever that means). All family photos and contacts were lost. To add insult to injury, I managed to lock myself out of everything. I truly hate everything technical,, and my new “free” smart phone has given me anything BUT freedom or smarts.

Thank goodness I am a gardener….

Gardens don’t have these ridiculous issues. Gardens are simply a sanctuary to the soul. Gardens are actually opposite of the new techy world we now are forced to live in. When I go to the garden, I feel rested and restored. I am in peace and the world makes total sense. Birds sing gloriously without a care in the world. Flowers bloom in spite of the faults of their gardeners. The sun comes out and warms the earth, causing new seasons with new flowers to come and go. Gardens remind us all that life is still peaceful, beautiful and restful…regardless of who is President, what is being verbally vomited up on Facebook or what Pintrist shows us is hip.

Gardens just are.

Thank goodness I am a gardener.

Happy Friday everyone. May your world be beautiful and may your technical issues be few. 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends!!!!