Mia’s Pink Spider Lilies

It isn’t every day that you meet someone like Mia. Truly, Mia is one of the kindest souls alive.

Mia is part of an animal rescue program that saves dogs that are about to be euthanized.  The dogs are fostered, driven to New York on a bus, and adopted. Hundreds of dogs have  a new chance of life with happy homes because of Mia.

Mia also has rescued birds. “Scooby-Scooter”, (named by her oldest daughter) was a broken-winged white dove that was found by a neighbor. Mia was soon given the task of rehabilitation. The bird ,completely discontent in a cage, actually lived in her house with her three children. The little dove walked along the ground everywhere, following Mia like a dog. Then there was “Cluck-Cluck” (named by her youngest daughter), a rooster that surprisingly hatched from an egg found at a horse stable. Mia never passed by something or someone who needed love.

Mia is also a faithful bulb rescuer. Living in McMansion neighborhoods, Mia is always ready with a shovel to dig before the small cottages are flattened. Her greatest flower rescue was the garden filled with Pink Spider Lilies.

Pink Spider Liles, also known as Naked Ladies, are an incredible sight to behold. A gorgeous cluster of pink flowers on the top of a long, leggy, naked stem. These Spider Lilies bloom with the first rainfall, after a long, hot summer. These Naked Ladies are a beautiful part of the old southern garden, and can be seen growing in front of stately southern homesteads. When I moved, I gave one (of my only two) Pink Spider Lilies to Mia. I accidentally killed mine, but Mia always sent flower pictures each fall to me. I always joked that I would come and dig the bulbs up, if only I knew where she planted them!

I recently spent a few days with my beloved friend. In between picking up new foster pups and taking care of her family, Mia brought me a surprise gift….a basket full of Pink Spider Lilies from her garden. It’s just like Mia to give away some her most loved flowers. These particular lilies came from a McMansiontear down. The old couple thatg had lived there had an incredible garden full of old, historic plants. Mia salvaged what she could. I am grateful to have these bulbs as part of my garden story. Friends like Mia come once in a lifetime. For me, I am a better person because of my kind, treasured, selfless friend. I only hope that I can be as good of a friend to others as Mia is to me.

Today is going to be a good garden day. I am choosing a lovely spot in the garden to plant Mia’s Pink Spider Lilies. There are tgree massive clumps, so I plan on separating the bulbs, and try to propogate the old lilies. For some reason, I’ve been told Pink Spiders prefer to grow east of the I 35 Texas highway……..naturally, I live west of I 35. C’est La Vie! I am crossing my fingers the lillies enjoy their new home.

Happy Gardening, my friends! May kindness lead our lives, and may we all be that special friend to someone.