Milk and Wine Crinum

There are few flowers that scream out “Southern Garden!!!!” like that of a Milk and Wine Crinum.

The Milk and Wine Crinum can be seen throughout the South, growing wild and carefree where old homesteads once stood. Crinum are strong symbols of the gardening days of the past. I imagine days of Mint Julips, afternoon naps and beautiful cottage gardens. Flowers were shared with friends, and the heirloom gardens of the past survived years beyond their beloved gardener.

I absolutely adore my Milk and Wine Crinum. I never get tired of seeing the magnificent pale- striped flowers emerge after a nice summer rain. I have been blessed with a stash of old bulbs that came from an abandoned house near my In-laws. The ratty old place has given many local gardeners gifts of Crinum. Some of the bulbs are so massive and old, they are unable to be moved without breaking a shovel. Someday, we will arrive to find the old shack has fallen in. Luckily for us, the Crinum just keep growing and multiplying, providing many gardeners joy.

Crinum are hardy, old gals. I have yet to find an old Crinum that didn’t push through her circumstances. In an ideal Crinum-growing world, Crinum would enjoy morning sun, dappled afternoon shade and sandy soils…..but that is ideal. Crinum also enjoy growing in boggy areas where drainage is less than perfect. I also see Crinum flourishing in hot, full-sun gardens. Regardless of where your Crinum grows, all Crinum need a nice rainfall or deep watering in the midst of the summer heat. Your Crinum will reward you with a gorgeous, charming bouquet of flowers.

Every year, I share Milk and Wine Crinum to fellow gardeners. It is a sad reality that most people can’t readily get their hands on these bulbs. *If* garden centers carry Crinum, the bulbs usually cost $35.00 and higher. The average gardener simply can’t afford spending that much money on a bulb. Milk and Wine Crinum will be available, along with other heirloom bulbs, at the next bulb swap. You are always welcome to email me with questions or orders…… Crinum are worth growing in your garden, and I hope to share these beauties with as many of you as possible.

Happy Gardening, my friends!