Moments of Quiet

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

These days, quiet moments are rarely found in my life. Take last night…..I ran into a friend at the store, and soon I was babbling on and on about gardening. She made the mistake of mentioning weeds and Round-up in the same sentence. Later that night, as I tried to sleep, my mind kept going over and over the intricate songs I will be performing on Saturday. I’m always thinking, doing, digging or talking. I woke this morning, ready to write, and………


Should I write about Poppies? Roses? Moonbeam Coreopsis? Daylilies?

Just quiet.

I think sometimes we spend so much time talking and doing, that we miss the pondering and listening. The beautiful moments in between. The times where we can just be still, and hear God’s prompting.

I used to have those moments. It feels like a lifetime ago. Before the flood, I spent early mornings walking through my beloved gardens. I looked for the small changes….the garden miracles. My soul was refreshed and my mind was still and quiet.  My family called it  “surveying”…

“Don’t bother Mom. She’s outside surveying her garden.”

My husband knew that my time to “survey” was actually my time to just ‘be’. Moments of peaceful ponderings before the hectic schedules of life with three teenagers. Quiet moments are needed. Balance is found and life becomes managed. I haven’t surveyed in a long time. The gardens at the flooded house are almost entirely stripped, and the peaceful moments I once had have been replaced by a list of ‘to do’s’.

I miss the quiet.

So, this morning, I will cherish the moments of quiet.  I will not push to answer questions, make lists of the million ‘to do’s’ I have, nor feel frazzled with the unanswered prayers. I will simply breathe and savor these moments. I might even steal some time to walk through my old gardens and look for the small miracles once again.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Happy Gardening, my friends.