Ms. Napolez’s Roman Hyacinths

Honestly, if a flood “has” to happen, and one “”has” to move their garden treasures…..October was truly the perfect time to have it all happen. My focus now is entirely on digging and saving my garden treasures….like my white Roman Hyacinth Bulbs I got from Ms. Napolez.

It is Fall in Texas. By the end of October and through November, Winter and Spring Bulbs are beginning to appear alongside the Summer and Fall Bulbs that are still growing. A perfect time to dig. A rare time when no bulb is completely forgotten.

I had been concerned about some of the Spring beauties…..especially the Roman Hyacinths. These bulbs are some of my favorites. I vaguely remembered where I had planted them, but that doesn’t say much……my gardens are huge. Lots of plants to salvage!

I have been focusing on salvaging the Daylilies, Rain Lilies and Oxalis……but there they were. The cute foliage of a Roman Hyacinth emerging from the ground. I actually had stepped on one, which caused me to stop in my footsteps……

Dig the Roman Hyaciths, for gosh sakes!!!!!!

*I have no clue where they will go…..but at least they are safe.*

Roman Hyacinths are different than the modern hyacinth. More dainty. More elegant. Not poofed up and arrogant, but simple and lovely….the way a good heirloom bulb should be. I got my Roman Hyacinth Bulbs from an elderly Hispanic woman, Ms. Napolez, who got them from her Mother. I traded some Oxblood and Spider Lilies for a few of her beautiful white treasured bulbs. Ms. Napolez and I have the same love for heirloom bulbs…though mine are all over the place, while she keeps her Mother’s bulbs inside old-fashioned garden fencing (probably to keep her Grandsons from mowing them down)

Heirloom Bulbs, like my Napolez Roman Hyacinths, are like gold to me. Irreplaceable. So many stories of bulbs and their gardeners reside in my garden…..So many memories.

Yesterday, was a good digging day.

Along with the beautiful Hyacinths, I dug about 300 Daffodils, 10 Iris, 25 more Daylilies, a ton of Oxalis (it is never ending!!) and a box of unique perennials. I dug in my clunker $6.00 heals (my only “nice” pair of shoes I bought last week at a thrift store) A little dirt on my shoes will make them feel more at home.

Happy Gardening, my friends.

Remember, some of the greatest garden treasures come from garden friends. If you have older neighbors with gardens, stop and say hello. A shared plant might just become your new favorite flower in the whole garden. Moments in the garden are really the most treasured of times you can spend. Trust me…..after losing my house, and everything in it, the one thing to has brought me continued joy is my garden.