Mulch It!

Ahhhhhhhh…..The delightful smell of an enormous pile of mulch.

Actually,  3 enormous piles of mulch.

When I say enormous, I mean….fill the driveway up enormous!

Mulch is an essential garden element in the south. Mulch protects plants from the hot sun by cooling the soil. Mulch also helps encourage worms and other good bugs in the soul. Mulch is also an efficient weed barrier.

When tree trimmers are near, I always make friends with the workers. The large truck full of beautiful mulch can just as easier be dumped on my property as the local dump. Most tree trimmers are happy to help out gardeners…..In return, saving them a hassle of driving out to the dump.

Mulch……A beautiful way to make your garden grow. Happy gardening, my friends!