My Fall Crocus

After the waters receeded, there they were…..blooming happily. Sternbergia, my Fall Crocus. Nothing, mot even a historic flood, would interrupt their time to shine.

I love that. I love seeing the yellow-dose-of-sunshine in a bulb. I love the fact that Sternbergia (the proper name for Fall Crocus) looks so vivid and alive….just as if a child came through my garden and drew their version of a whimsical, yellow flower….just to add bright color to a water-drenched landscape. Dr. Seuss would be so proud.

Sternbergia are just as tough as they are whimsical and cute. They survive poor soil in drought conditions, but prefer (naturally) a nice, garden space under the dappled shade of an old oak tree. They are Fall bloomers, and ┬áthe foliage will continue to grow through the Spring. Do not cut the foliage… is the energy for the bulb’s lovely flower.

I never doubted these heirloom beauties would rise to the occasion……drought or flood. Heirloom bulbs truly are a garden treasure. I always have bulbs to share. Just email me…..(maybe in a few weeks, since we are still in a state of homelessness after the flood)

Happy Gardening, my friends.