My Heart Belongs To The Lily

The Lily……..

The underground mystery of the flower bulb.

I have been completely smitten with the lily since witnessing the intoxicating deep, red bloom of the Oxblood Lily. Its remarkable. How does a lily make such an impact on a human soul?

Let’s back up a bit and talk about the bulb….the storehouse for the bloom. Without a doubt, the bulb is the most magical thing that exists in the natural world. How on earth can a real-life ball of plant stuff sit under ground for months, feel the weather or season change, and send forth the most incredible, unwrinkled flower? It blows my mind.

I saw my first Oxblood Lily in the Fall of 1994. It had rained during that week, and the summer heat was finally diminishing. My husband and I were spending a quiet weekend with my In-laws, and I took a stroll outside with my cup of coffee…nothing unusual. I enjoy quiet mornings to write and reflect.  In the yard, growing wild, were red lilies that appeared out of nowhere. I ran inside and asked about the wonderful flowers that were growing in their yard.

“Those old things? They are just a bunch of weeds.”

And that’s how it started. I grabbed a shovel and dug up my first bulb.

Over the years of collecting, rescuing and sharing, I’ve found that the lily contains qualities I admire, and secretly wish to possess. The lily  knows when its the perfect time to bloom. The lily is patient and is long-suffering through drought and flood. The lily  is beautiful from within. The lily is generous and graciously shares her beauty with all around.

We are currently in the midst of Rain Lily Season, which will soon give way to the rich colors of my beloved Oxblood Lily, and other Fall lilies.  The colors of lilies are endless, as are their wonderful attributes ….and my heart will forever belong to the lily.

Happy Gardening, my friends!