Natalia’s Gift

Meeting Natalia was like meeting an old friend. I was equally delighted when she handed me a gift…..a small, fabric sac with heirloom bulbs from her garden.

“I read on your blog that every garden should tell a story. I wanted to give you a few bulbs from my garden to be a part of that story.”

Such kindness is a lost art form these days. We are all so busy that thoughtfulness is simply overlooked. Before I had children, I used to bring people random acts of fresh flowers……just because. I wrote letters. I handmade cards with pressed flowers. I gave gifts that were meaningful and cherished……

Now I’m just busy.

Business replaces thoughtfulness in so many areas of life. I’m usually running behind, so cutting fresh flowers for a nice dinner gets kicked to the curb.

“Next time, I will plan ahead and save time to bring my friends flowers”

“Next time, I will remember my niece’s birthday.”

“Next time, I will think ahead.”

“Next time…….”

There seems to always be a next time. Unfortunately, I miss a lot of beautiful moments of thoughtfulness. Random acts of kindness. Special moments to think of someone else. Being thoughtful is just not a priority in life anymore.

We are a society of driven people. Focused. Active. Seizing the moment! Live life the fullsst!!! Carpe Diem, baby!!! But in all that seizing, focusing, driving and striving……the thoughtfulness of another is quietly getting pushed farther and farther from our minds. In hindsight, we might think of being more thoughtful, but like every good, driven, successful person, we put thoughtfulness on our to-do list. We can check that box too.

Meeting at 9……Check.

Dentist appointment at 10…..Check.

Yoga at noon……Check.


I don’t want to just check another box. I want to be mindful. I want to be thoughtful. Iwant to bring those flowers to a dinner party. I want to write that card to my friend who has something special. I want to think of others BEFORE I think of myself…….I simply want to be more like Natalia.

It was nice to meet Natalia this weekend.  It was also nice to receive her thoughtfulness. I am reminded, once again, how precious life is. Next time I see you, I hope to have cut flowers in my hands, and a new song of thoughtless in my heart.

Thank you for your gift Natalia……Your bulbs will definately be a part of my garden’s story, in ways you didn’t even expect.

Happy Gardening, my friends.