“No More Plants!” (yeah, right….)

I love it when my husband of 26 years makes idle threats. For instance, take yesterday’s conversation.

“You know, you have a lot of flowers to plant.”

I had just found a new garden shop selling all organically-grown natives. Ofcourse I just *had* to support the shop during the pandemic. I came home with an entire flat of deliciously beautiful garden goodies. And I also bought a tree, which I stuffed into my car.

“I know. I plan to get them in the ground layer tonight when it cools off.”

My husband leaned over, looked me in the eye and softly said “No more plants.”

I said “But I…..”

“No. More. Plants. You have enough.”


“No more.”

I’m sorry, but really. No more plants? Really? That’s telling someone not to breathe. How would garden shops survive without people like me? What if we all stopped buying plants? What then? Businesses would close and people would starve…..all because of the silly no-plant edict.

I kinda chuckled to myself. I knew he was fairly serious. I faintly heard “until the end of the year” somewhere in the back of my mind. Does this mean those Byzatine Gladiolus I had planned to order from Southern Bulb Company are off the table? I mean, I had planned on ordering the bulbs before the edict went out. I even emailed them….

Well, I just tried to look real cute as I said “Ok. I understand…….But honey, I DO still need some bags of potting soil.”

He just rolled his eyes and went back to doing whatever a non-gardener does. I think that meant “yes” to the potting soil.

So, since I can’t buy any more plants this summer, I plan on focusing my attention on propogating plants and sharing the extra goodies I have with local gardeners. I’m going to become my own garden shop so I can go shopping anytime I feel the urge to plant something new. Maybe I will forget these plants are actually mine. Either way, I should stay busy and happy in the garden.

Please let me know if you’d like any heirloom bulbs. I always am happy to share. This month, I have Oxblood Lilies, Pink Rain Lilies and other heirloom delights. You pay only $5 shipping. The bulbs are my treat for you. Email me at heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Happy Gardening, my friends.