Oh Dear, The Deer……

I knew that someday they’d find me.

I live in ‘the deer capital of the world’….atleast, that is what the locals say. Deer are part of this community, and are a part of a rich legacy in hunting that goes back to the early settlers and Indians. Deer Season actually keeps this little town alive.

I live by a river AND a shaded creek. I knew it was just time before they’d find me.

Texas is having another drought. There is not much for the animals to eat….especially the deer. Somehow, I am not as heartbroken as I thought I’d be. The idea of an animal, as beautiful as a deer, suffer from starvation is too much for my little heart to handle.

So far, the deer have munched down my Crinum Lilies and my Tropical White Spider Lilies. The deer have zoned in on these two heirloom bulbs. I have a nice sized stash, so they seem to have a nice dinner (or dessert) and move down the road. Perhaps, it is a dinner party that all the neighbors are unknowingly involved in.

We had a nice rain, and ordinarily I would have the joy of watching all my Crinums bloom…..this is the first year I won’ t have that garden luxery. Instead, I look out among the stubs of what used to be an enormous Crinum patch, and realize that I did my part in saving a few animals from starvation.

Maybe now, with the recent rains, the deer will politely go on their way….and let me get back to enjoying my Crinums.