Oxblood Lillies

The lure of the Oxblood

I recently dug more Oxbloods this past weekend. I had stumbled upon this ramshackled house a year ago. I had found the relatives of the deceased owner, and was generously allowed to dig. There were so many Oxbloods, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Heirloom Oxbloods originally came from their German immigrants, who settled in many parts of Texas. The bulbs flourished in the sandy soil of East Texas. Many of these bulbs will also set seed after flowering…..though modern lilies do not. Oxbloods are tough, drought resistant and a wonderful link to the past.

Oxbloods spend most of their time preparing for their once a year bloom. The foliage is energy and food for the flower. Let all foliage die on it’s own. The bulbs will sleep during the heat of summer…..do not water while sleeping. I’ve killed many a good bulb from watering bulbs while dormant!

The first rainfall, after a long hot summer, the bulbs wake up. A single stem with three beautiful blood-red lilies will appear. These bulbs fall under the category of rain lillies….though they bloom just once.

In our fast-paced society with big box garden stores, it is hard to imagine a flower that simply blooms once a year. The gardener is on the timeline of the bulb. We must wait…..be patient. Spend time looking and waiting, while we care for our garden. Isn’t that what gardening is really about?

I have many Oxblood Lilies to share. Simply email me at heirloombulbgirl.com. Tell me a little about your own lovely gardens. All you will need to send is $5 for shipping. You will receive three of these  lovlies. Hope to hear from you to pass on the love.

Happy Gardening, my friends.