Oxblood Lily Season….The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Truly, one of the best times of the year is when the Oxblood Lily appears. I’ve played in the garden my whole life. My love affair with flower bulbs started young and is real, my friends. I can’t stop loving heirloom flower bulbs. I wait all year for just a singIe flower and I know that I’m not the only one who loves Oxblood Lilies…

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. You do too. You love heirloom bulbs just as much as I do. That’s why you are reading a blog on flower bulbs. You don’t care that it’s nerdy, and you try to pretend that you are reading just to see if I’ve done another wierd bulb hunting thing or something.

Let’s all face it….Oxblood Lilies are completely and utterly addicting. They are intoxicating. If our spouses were on a sinking ship with a bag of Oxblood Lily bulbs, you’d have to think of which would get tossed overboard….the lilies or your spouse.

Yes, the love affair is real.

But why wouldn’t it be? Oxblood Lilies are everything that is good, decent and pure in this world. Oxblood Lilies bring hope to the garden, after the summer heat has killed everything and beaten us down. Oxblood Lilies bloom against all odds, defying all logic. Sometimes, an Oxblood will even send forth a flower even before the roots have even been engaged. That’s craziness!!!!! Bulbs are garden miracles. That’s why we love them.

I’m happy to say that the deer took it easy on me during this Oxblood Lily Season. After the deer ate the first flush of lily color, the deer heard me weeping, ripping my clothes and gnashing my teeth with the half-eaten bulb foliage, and moved along down the road.. This evening, I have a large amount of Oxblood Lily beauty sprinkled throughout the gardens.

This year, I am lining the pathways with lilies, so after the bloom I will be digging up and relocating a lot of the lilies.. I will definitely have many left ever. Please email me if you’d like to begin your very own Oxblood Lily love affair, like the rest of us. Life is too short to not have deep love and passion for your flowers in your gardens. Every garden needs an Oxblood Lily.

It’s Oxblood Lily Season…..The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Happy Gardening, my friends!!