Please Be Patient….I’ve Been Hacked

Oh, good grief. …

Why do they bombard a little heirloom flower bulb site with so many hacks?

At this moment, I am looking at the overwhelming reality that I am simply not cut out for online anything…..but I am not going to give up. Please be patient while I sort all of this out. If you need anything from me, or if you have garden questions (which I love) please email

I hope to be writing again soon. It’s been over a month, and I am going to seek outside help with a professional on protections for this site. I will be writing on heirloombulbgirl on Facebook, while I work hard to fix the issues. Might have to get a new website…..who knows.

Until then, keep your hands in the dirt. Keep your eyes on the beauty around you and keep planting your seeds of love. You make the world a better place. Be encouraged and know that you are loved.

Most Sincerly, Keenan