Prarie White Rain Lilies

If you ever want to see the largest rain lily bulb, look no further than the large Prarie White Rain Lily. An old bulb will look like something  like a ‘bulb-on-steroids’. They are vivacious growers,  as any good heirloom bulb should be.

I got my old lily bulbs from the remnants of what used to be a house, located deep in the wild brush near my In-laws. The house had fallen in years ago, and the kids and i came upon the delapitated pile of rubble while exploring. The grey-green foliage intrigued me, so I braved the poison ivy to dig a few. I had no clue what the flower would look like…..but it was a bulb, and I really like bulbs. 🙂

My Prarie Whites proved themselves worthy. The bulbs grow in full sun, dappled shade, sand, granite rock or clay. Prarie Whites thrive in almost any soil condition. During the hot summer, when few plants are blooming, pure white lily blooms will spring forth after a nice, soothing rain.

I would give you some really cool bits of botanical history about this bulb, but my entire garden book collection floated down the river during the recent floods. Where is Scott Ogden’s treasured book of bulbs when I need it????? C’est la vie…..books can be replaced. People can’t. Glad to be writing, and grateful to simply have more days on this beautiful planet.

Happy Gardening, my beautiful garden friends. May you all have a lovely day.

Breathe in the sunshine. (If it is raining, then daydream of your gardens getting a nice drink.) Be the smile to someone’s weary day. Be the force of good. Love freely and plant a bulb….you will be happy you did. 🙂