Pretty in Pink Poppies

Shades of pink are pouring through my garden like little cotton candy fluffs.┬áTypically, these pastel beauties bloom earlier in Spring. It’s been a delightful surprise of soft color in my early Summer garden.

Poppies are one of my favorite Spring flowers. Poppies are delicate, paper fluffs that flourish in wildflower meadows and old time gardens. Few flowers have the adoration that poppies do. I tend to think that it as the world spins faster, our desire to connect with old-time flowers increases……or maybe that’s just me.

The tiny little seeds need to be sown in the Fall. There are truly countless varieties and shades of Poppies. Since I prefer to grow gardens that my Grandparents would’ve grown, I typically sow Baker Creek Heirloom Poppy seeds. This Fall, I am going to try Floret Farm Poppy seeds as well….I like the soft pastels, and I am a sucker for beautiful seed packaging! Heirloom seeds are a bit more expensive, but “sow” worth it (excuse the pun….I’ve had one too many cups of coffee!).

I will be collecting Poppy seeds, with the help of some Garden Helpers. The seeds will be pakaged up in a few weeks. Seeds will be available for free with any bulb orders, while supplies last. As always, the purchase of heirloom flower bulbs helps provide jobs to mentally challenged and at-risk youth through The Garden Project. To place an order, check out the store on this site and please email Flowers on Heirloombulbgirl Instagram page are also available. .

Happy Gardening, my friends!