Pull the Weeds and Cut Those Seeds!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I am completely inundated with grassy-like weeds. I am “blessed” to have wild fields that connect to the back of the studio with  a 4 feet wall of seeding weeds that are never be mowed. Consequently, the seeds blow right through the fence and throughout my gardens. I’m working on an Iris solution, to slow the flow, and add a type of visual break between the two properties. I’ve also planted vines, fast-growing bushes and anything else I can get my hands on the block the view….

But, for now, the weeds are living mortgage free on my property.  It’s time to pull those weeds and cut the seeds.


Some of you are neat-freaks, so you might want to skip this blog if you aren’t into “piling” (mini weed compost that live peacefully in your gardens).

I have great soil. Limited, but great. I have worked hard at amending the yucky, sandy, gravely dirt through piling. (See past blog on how to pile) I  am not in a financial position to bring in yards of good compost. For this reason, the  base of the weeds are filled with comppstable nutrients for the life of the garden. Worms, chickens and all sorts of garden critters appreciate the decaying piles of weeds.

Weeds with seeds, though,  are a no-go. Each weed produces 10-100s of new free-loading off-spring the next season. So, I travel through the garden with a large bucket and a pair of large scissors, that sometimes also cut my hair.

I pull about 5 clumps, arrange them neatly in my hand like a beautiful weed-seed bouquet and WHACK!!! Just like my bangs during the quarantine!! Seeds go into the bucket, the rest go into the compost or a nearby pile. Weed-whacking is one of my favorite parts of my day. Each seeding weed pulled just saved my future garden from hundreds of invaders. It feels good to be productive. The best part is the seeds go directly into the trash, where they belong. I’d light them on fire, but that isn’t strong enough…. a smelly trash can is the fate they deserve.

Pull the weeds and cut those seeds!

I hope you all are doing well. Any new garden plans? As for me, I have a few projects up my sleeve….. I am putting in a large Grapevine, two Dewberry bushes, a bunch more herbs and veggies and mailing out some Heirloom Bulbs. Our town has gone back to a healthy stage, amidst the virus, and our local little post office is open, so I can get back out to shipping flower bulbs. Please email me heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com if you’d like something. No Paypal…..just old-fashioned snail mail 🙂 All bulbs are sold by donation to support The Garden Project, a program that provides mentally challenged people and at-risk youth jobs in the garden.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!!