Rain Lily Season

It’s amazing how little rain it takes to bring forth a Rain Lily.

Sometimes, I find myself getting impatient and I try to wake them up with a hose. They know me so well…..and stay hibernating below the earth until a nice, refreshing rain.

We had the first rainfall of the season the other day. The summer has been especially brutal on the gardens….in fact, nothing is blooming at the moment. It was so refreshing to receive a brief cool down and a little rain. Over the next few days, the rain lilies showed up. Literally, hillsides, fields, yards and any random empty space showed off the little white lilies.

Rain Lilies are often called ‘fairy lilies, which is quite fitting for such a cute and whimsical little flower. ┬áRain Lilies are also incredibly tough, somehow surviving months of triple digit temperatures. A lot of my rain lily bulbs are hidden and scattered throughout the gardens, so I couldn’t give them special treatment even if I wanted to. ┬áRain Lilies will bloom through summer and fall months, after the rain. During the growing season, you can separate the bulbs and encourage growth by watering and composting. Most Rain Lilies are vigorous growers, and will multiply by seed, as well as bulb division.

I adore these little lilies. Pink, white, yellow, tangerine, rose, large or small……I love them all! There is always room in the garden for just one more Rain Lily.

If you are needing a small addition to your garden, start a lovely collection of Rain Lilies. They will add a smile on your face as you enjoy the random blooms after a nice rainfall. Heirloombulbgirl carries many varieties of lilies. Feel free to email me with any questions at heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Happy Gardening, my friends!