Removing Chemicals in Water for Outdoor Gardens

Nothing destroys a healthy plant quicker than harmful chemicals found in water. I’m not sure what is worse at this point….the lack of rainfall and the severity of the drought, the extreme heat day after day, or the chemicals found in city water.

During times of drought, high levels of chlorine and other chemicals have been pumped into the water treatment of our river water. There are a lot of health issues surrounding stagnant river water in high temperatures. I do understand the need to keep our water safe to drink, but our gardens suffer. Chlorine simply wasn’t meant for nature. What is a gardener to do?

First, get a well or rain collection barrels. But if you are like me, those options are just future dreams that I am saving up for. I need to remove chlorine in my water today. Actually, yesterday….

I did a little research and was reminded about the way to naturally remove chemicals from water. Get some old molasses buckets from either a local farmer or rancher. Anyone who has cattle should have plenty of these old buckets. Fill the buckets up with water and leave in the hot sun. In 24 hours, the chlorine will have evaporated out, and the water is pure. I used to do this method of water-detox for my fish in my pond. Every now and then, I’d forget to purify the water and put in too much city water. The fish never survived.

Today, I filled up four large buckets of water. Tomorrow morning, I will water the plants by hand. I might give them a small boost of some liquid seaweed. I’m sure the chlorine has also killed the beneficial critters and worms in the soil as well. I am a bit annoyed at myself for not realizing this issue, but all I can do is start over…..again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Improving the world around you isn’t an easy task. If it were so easy, it wouldn’t be something so wonderful. The Oxblood Lilies and other fall bulbs are resting safely under the soil waiting for the fall rain……which will come. In spite of everything, God is still good.

Happy Gardening, my friends!