Resilience of the Garden

The amazing resilience of the garden astounds me. So many life lessons were found the last few days. I have no words to describe the awe I felt at seeing the beauty beside the destruction.

The waters came and filled my home. The river swept over the gardens with over 10 feet of raging water…..and yet, my flowers still stood…..blooming.

Miracles of life were seen all around, just to show me the resilience of life.

I had a 200 pound farm table that was swept off our property, found across the creek….and yet, the 3 plastic pots of Passion Vine I had recently transplanted were still exactly as I had placed them. None of my beautiful bird baths were harmed, but my piano was filled upside down. My potted plants that greeted people by my front door were unharmed, but my refrigerator was pushed over. My Gomphrena still flowered, random Oxbloods and Sternbergia gave me beautiful late blooms, while trees were yanked up by their roots.

The undeniable little miracles spoke to me.

I didn’t lose “everything” as I had previously thought……I had my gardens reaching out to comfort me.

Finding joy in the muck and chaos, and learning to bloom in the face of floods……that shall be my new focus. Learning to be resilient in the times of trouble, and maintaining hope in the beauty God is still showing me.

We can all relate to what the garden speaks. The resiience of a flower to overcome a flood. The hope in tomorrow. The faith it takes to move forward. We all have trials, but there is joy, my friends, that can be found. Find the smallest of miracles around you….and cling to what is good. Look beyond the destruction, and look for the flower.

Be the flower blooming in the flood.

Be the light in the darkness.

Be the hope in the world that so desperately needs something to believe in.

Be the garden of resilience…..and let nothing overwhelm your beauty.

Happy Gardening, my friends.