Restoring My Garden Book Collection

Restoring something that was lost can be looked upon in two ways…..

First, lamenting every moment over what you once loved is now gone.

Second, starting over. Choosing the exciting new path of restoration.

I choose the second way.

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t lost something they have once loved. Whether it be an impromptu garage sale when money was tight, a move to a new city, changing jobs or, in my case, a flood that destroyed my house home. We all have two choices…..stay in the valley of our thoughts or move to greener grasses and still waters.

One of the things I lost was my beloved collection of garden books. Obscure, hard to find books about flowers. Many of the books were antique books. My Grandmother’s Garden Journal from the 60’s was also in this collection. Unfortunately, some of the books will be very hard to replace. My husband keeps me from wallowing too long in the muk of the flood, so I am learning to put my best foot forward on a new path of restoration.

My first book to add to my new collection is one of my favorites…..

Florets Farm’s Cut Flower Garden.

I love the dreams, the vision, the big-thought ideas and the beauty of the cut flower. I am a bulb hunter and a naturalist. Cutting flowers is almost painful to me, but I also love having fresh flowers in the house. I can’t bring myself to cut a Daffodil or an Oxblood Lily…..but Zinnias and Roses I can do!!!

Starting over is important.

God gives and takes away….but His gory remains in our perspective. Moving forward doesn’t have to be scary, as long as we focus on the new journey God has planned for us.

This year, with my new book (and only book), I plan on planting more Zinnias and having more flowers in my home. I plan on focusing on simple beauties I can create in the moment. I plan on worrying less about the questions and live more in the answer….

God is good all the time, and His beauty surrounds me with every breath I take.

Timd for restoration…..ond lovely garden book at a time.

Happy Gardening, my friends.