Rooster Jerks, Baby Chicks and Other Garden Distractions

You’d think that a little distrction would be welcoming…….


I have spent the last three days being a nurse-maid to an elderly, rooster. A jerk-of-a-rooster beat him up. I also am a babysitter to a momma-hen who decided winter was the perfect time to hatch 8 new baby chicks.

Needless to say… unplanted bulbs are now piling up.


It seems like there are always distractions that get in the way of well-meaning garden plans. The question I get asked most frequently is “I haven’t had time to get my new bulbs into the ground yet. Are they going to be ok???”


The science behind a bulb is really quite simple. A bulb is a storehouse for the flower inside, The bloom is just waiting for it’s season to arrive. The bulb is a holding-tank for all the nutrients the flower needs. In fact, a bulb is quite similar to an egg and a baby chick. There are no “bad” times to plant a bulb….only good, better and best. Your bulb can handle some unattended time, unless you leave the bulb outside in the extreme elements (blazing hot sun or a hard freeze). Your bulb babies might decide not to bloom the following season, but it is really quite hard to kill a bulb.

One of the reasons I invest in heirloom bulbs is their willingness to live, and still thrive under neglectful conditions.  Take a 4 inch pot of your favorite plant and a bulb. Place  both plants side by side, and ignore them for 4 weeks. The  potted plant will be dead or really close to death. Meanwhile, the bulb will be just fine. Infact, the bulb might even be trying to sprout roots!! Bulbs are perfect plants for this day and age, when distractions from gardening are the norm.

Today, there will be no digging. I have to catch the jerk-of-rooster and find him a new home. I have to babysit some chicks in 30 degree weather. I also tend to the wounds on my elderly gentleman of a rooster. (All inbetween my day job as a violinist)  I still have 400 plus Spider Lilies to plant, countless Star Flower, about 125 new Daffodils I bought, and my Heirloom Dwarf Crinum…..all waiting for their new home. Am I worried? Nah. Just another day of distractions. The bulbs will be just fine.

Garden distractions are real, my friends. Thank goodness bulbs roll with the punches of life. Come freeze, flood, drought, roosters, baby chicks or day-to-day life, heirloom bulbs just keep going and thriving.

Happy Gardening, my friends.

Ps…..Pictures of my Heirloom Bulbs are on the website gallery, my Instagram or Facebook. I am happy to share. Simply email All you pay is shipping. Cheers, and let’s beautify the world with bulbs!!!!