Rumors of Rain

Feast or Famine.

That’s exactly what we are. Every year, as the Summer comes to an end, Gardeners, Farmers and Ranchers all begin to talk about the rain.

“We’re supposed to get rain this week. Maybe an inch.”

“Really? I hadn’t heard…..”

“Oh yah. The weatherman said it might rain all week…..”

And then the rumors of rain start. Rumors like this are good. Rumors of rain give us hope. If we can just make it through one more dry week, everything will go back to normal (whatever that is).

Currently, the local landscape is brown and dull…..desperate for rain, which is rumored to be here this week. I am beyond thrilled. The mere thought of yummy things growing somewhere else for the deer to eat, besides my garden, makes me giddy. I do understand that my little corner of the earth has kept a lot of deer alive, but I don’t have to like it. I will rejoice when the rain comes and the deer move on to greener pastures….literally.


Who would’ve ever thought that such a natural occurrence could be so sought after that people spend their past times talking about it? People are even so desperate that they blog about it?!!! What is it about rain that creates good old-fashioned rumors that fill us with hope?

Perhaps it is the way the rain cools the earth and plant roots soak up the kinder temperatures…showing their appreciation with new growth.

Perhaps it is the unexpected rainbow that reminds us of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Perhaps it is the way the birds sing so joyously the morning after a healthy rain shower.

Perhaps it is the way the rain feels on your skin as it gently falls from the sky.

Whatever the reasons, people love talking about the possibility of rain…..and the rumors of rain begin all over again.

I think we might get rain this week…..or at least that’s what Sandy told me.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!