Saffron Love

I never knew how much I loved Saffron until yesterday….and now, I am in pure Saffron Love.

Last year, an anonymous gift of Saffron bulbs appeared at my studio door. I still have yet to know who the gift giver was, or how they knew I had always wanted some Saffron bulbs. But there they were… a simple paper bag. I immediately planted them under a few trees, so they wouldn’t get scorched from the Texas sun.

Over the next few months, the chickens scratched up all my newly planted bulbs, and  I also had a gopher eating a lot of my flowers. We also had a really hot, drought-ridden summer. Llong story short….I forgot all about my little Saffron bulbs. I basically wrote them off, with little hope I’d see them again. I know, I know… should ALWAYS hope!!!! I learn a lot through my own mishaps, and let’s face it, nature always finds a way to humble us.

Yesterday, I was ‘surveying’ the gardens in between lessons, and there she was. Simply breath taking. Way more beautiful in real life than from the photos I had seen.

It’s hard to describe the color of Saffron. It isn’t your typical purpley, obnoxious, in-your-face shade of purple. Saffron is more subtle and charming. A delicate shade of dark lavender, with deep yellow stamen and thin red whiskers. I would post a picture of the bloom, but I haven’t figured out how yo upload new photos onto this site. (I am SO technically challenged)

Saffron is a Crocus bulb….flowering only once a year in the Fall. Apparently it takes 50-60 Saffron flowers to create one tsp of Saffron to be used as a spice. I was given about 25 bulbs. I am now on a mission to propagate the bulbs, and eventually make our own Saffron. Maybe after I relocate my entire garden from our flooded house, rebuild our home and start over with buying all the contents again. I suppose I will just put drying Saffron on the list of things to do. 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends.

Never underestimate the little surprises your garden has for you. The small little ways hope is found….even through a little Saffron bulb, with all odds stacked against her.