Salvaging My Garden

I’ve been rescuing and salvaging heirloom bulbs for 25 years, so technically…..I’ve been “practicing” for this moment for a decade. I just never thought that all this skill of saving bulbs would be put to use in my own garden.

Yesterday, I started the Great Heirloom Bulb Exodus from my gardens. After the flood destroyed our home, it is clear it will not be rebuilt. I’ve decided to put my grief into action…..and start digging.

Just keep digging.

It is interesting to me that for years, I would question the amount of time I spent in the garden.  Maybe I should do some laundry or sweep the floors…..but somehow, it never seemed right to waste a beautiful day staying inside. Always, the Lord spoke to my soul. “Just keep digging”.  I think He knew the peace I needed from my hands in the dirt. The time spent in the garden was restoring my soul. Looking back, I’m glad I spent the time on things that mattered….my family and friends, my music and my gardens. I look at the floors in my house now…..muddy and barren. There is no evidence I ever slaved over housework (which I never did). But the gardens…….

The gardens are in full glory. Still blooming. Still thriving. Still bringing me peace and hope.

Yesterday, I took two large tubs and my shovel, and I started digging.

I started salvaging my  beloved gardens. I didn’t go in like a flood-drenched river rat, hacking and digging mindlessly. I set plant and garden goals. Each group of bulbs needs to have a nice home at the Agape Haus Music Studio gardens. All my garden helpers need to know where to readily place them in the garden so the bulbs don’t go into shock. Remember, I’m a professional bulb-hunter/dirt-digger. Ive been practicing for 25 years…..moving my garden might take 6 months, but I’m ready for the challenge!!!

I am now focusing on Oxalis (pink, white,  Mia’s pastel pink O., natives and purple leaf O.), Sternbergia, Daylilies and Rain Lilies. Now is the time to get any of these varieties of bulbs. Email for more information. All bulbs are by donation….100% of proceeds going to the garden helpers.

Happy Gardening, my friends.

Just keep digging. 🙂