Scattered Thoughts

“Michael, You don’t need to take the covering off the bulbs. You can just put them right into the sack.”

“You are right. That bulb does look wierd. That one can go in the wierd pile of bulbs.”

“Michael, remember to leave the bulb’ s covering on. Think of it as the bulb’s clothes.”

“Yes, that was a funny joke.”

“Let’s flip that bulb so the roots go to the bottom of the sack. No, the other way. Remember, the roots go to the bottom.”

“Michael, remember the outer layers can stay on. The bulb needs it’s clothes on or it will get cold.”

I need a glass of water…….

Mornings with the Garden Project are some of life’s most rewarding moments. It is my priviledge to work with the Special Opportunities Center, and provide special needs individuals to help in the gardens. We are currently planning a big bulb and flower give-away to beautify our town. The lilies will be part of that project.

Next week, we will be potting up about 200 baby Crinum bulbs. The plant and bulb give-away will be Labor Day Weekend. All donations go to pay the garden helpers.

Sometimes I wonder if the hard work in the gardens is worth it. The time and effort it takes to manage a project like this can be overwhelming….but then I listen to the scattered thoughts and moments spent in the garden. I see their smiles when they receive praise for a job well-done and my heart is full.

“You guys worked hard today.”

“Miss Keenan, does working hard mean I did a good job?”

“Yes, Michael. You did a very, very good job.”

Happy Gardening, my friends.