Shade Gardens for the Summer

The heat is officially on. I think it was over 100 degrees today. I’m not sure why I pretend that summer in Texas is not a reality, but there I am….sweating like a pig in between violin lessons, as I try to keep my gardens happy.

Today I made a monumental breakthrough. I actually *don’t* have to have every square inch of my gardens blooming all at once. In fact, a little flower sleepy-time is a good thing. So, today I rearranged the front flower bed until the shade trees, and I have created a delightful potted plant garden.

Shade in the Summer is a luxury. The heat in the South can be oppressive. If it weren’t for heirloom bulbs, I would’ve left this state long ago. But alas, twenty six years later, I am still here….battling the Summer heat. Shade is to plants as water is to a fish….completely necessary!!! I’m not quite sure what took me so long to realize that while the bulbs sleep, my focus can be on potted plants under a beautiful shade tree.

I moved a few wheelbarrows that are full of flowering annuals. I also potted up a bunch of flowers the gophers had decided to dig up and throw around. The new shade garden looks charming. I even moved a little table under the tree, and placed a bunch of newly potted plants on it. Martha Stewart, watch out!!

Shade in Texas is a gift. If you don’t have shade….I’m sorry. My best advice is to go plant a tree (yesterday) and feed it miracle grow. Until then, good luck. 🙂 But seriously, shade is a place where your plants can rest. The hot summer is not the time to focus on garden perfection. Allow yourself to rest, and let your gardens do the sane.

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Happy Gardening, my friends! It is good to be able to blog again….even if there is no commerce involved. Ha!