Slow Down and Watch Your Flowers Grow

I have no time…..

I have been on the “hustle-bus” ever since my youngest flew the coop to a creative arts boarding school. Over the past three months, I’ve doubled my lessons and added many performances to the already busy schedule I once had. I am now left with very little time to be in the garden. I feel the loss of time. I feel scattered and frazzled……I just want to slow down, and watch my flowers grow.

But, I have no time.

In our fast-paced world of being productive, time spent just being at peace, watching flowers grow,, seems, well….luxurious and wasteful. But is it?Studies show the importance rest plays on menal health. Studies also show time spent in nature plays a key part to a person’s overall well-being. I know all this, but yet, here I am…..too busy for my own good.

I have no time…..

I have no time to wander, to day-dream, to set a nice dinner table with fresh flowers, to write a letter, to sit in my nice, comphy chair and blog. Most of all, I have no time to jut sit and watch my flowers grow. I understand that there are busy seasons in life. I remind myself that the “hustle-bus” I am currently on will someday arrive at it’s destination. Some seasons of life are busier than others,, but it is important to keep balanced. What is the use of being so busy, if I can’t even take time to delight in the first bloom of a rose? A rose that I, myself, managed to re-root from my favorite unknown found antique rose. I didn’t even take the time to snap a quick photo……I had no time. That is when I realized I was unbalanced. I had been run over by my very own “hustle bus”!! The tired, over-run tread marks all over my face were apparent. It is time to slow down, and watch my flowers grow. Life is simply too short to miss a beautiful rose bloom.

Today, I am going to move some Oxblood Lilies, pull some weeds, move a baby Peach Tree, plant a few bushes and just enjoy the beauty that God has created. I may not even do anything but just breathe in the delightful aroma of the Iris.

Happy Gardening, my friends. Make sure to schedule in some time in your garden. 🙂